Had usual Friday lessons in school today. Handed up the FYP group form. Need to complete the proposal by 21st March 2003. Left a week to do it. Really stress is coming, so many things are due very soon.

Here are my assignments due date:

» FYP Proposal – 21st March 2003 (Not Started)
» MMPJ Assignment – 21st March 2003 (Started)
» TBCM Assignment – 25th March 2003 (Not Started)
» IGRA Assignment – 12th April 2003 (Not Started)
» MMAD Task 6, 7, 8 – 17th April 2003 (Started)
» VBAS Assignment – 17th April 2003 (Not Started)

Better get working soon, last minute work is no good, been there, done that. LOL

Finally it is a Saturday tomorrow, can sleep till the afternoon. LOL