TBCM didn’t come today, waste my time, if not can sleep more because it is the first lesson of the day. We have 2 TBCM lessons today, thus free 2 hours. Today is my classmate Elaine’s 19th birthday, went to Clementi Bengawan Solo to buy a coffee cake during the free time, so that we can cut it during our lunch break time.

As usual, people do sabo her thats why birthday people very “cham” one. The coffee cake tastes nice. LOL

Had VB practical lessons after lunch, thought of some ideas how to do our VB assignment, as I paired up with Lian. Hehe =D

Had fixed my CD-RW drive yesterday, it isn’t tough at all and it is quite fun, next time shall fix my own PC so what I lean from PCT can be applied. LOL

Started work on my site new layout since yesterday, today I convert it into .html format from .psd. The new layout got lots of table. The layout is almost the same as this one, as it is my style. The only thing that is very obvious is the use of light colors. I redo the whole layout from scratch including all the css styles. It looks quite plain without a header image. I will see what can I render out in 3DS Max to put into the header. LOL

Looking foward to the weekends to have a good sleep. LOL