TBCM lecturer finally came today, this term will be focusing more on job interviews. Need to prepare resume and find jobs on the internet or newspaper, found 3 that I am interested. While searching I found that there is quite a need of Java programmers than C, C++, ASP programmers. Weird. I saw 1 job advertisement, requires Degree in IT/ Science/ Mathematics and Engineering. Need to know Visual Basic, C#, Java, Delphi and RDBMS. Must be familiar with Sybase, SQL Server, Oracle, Unix and Windows platform. The pay range is $7000 to $9000. I got a shock.

Completed my MMPJ assignment, which is 3 days earlier than the deadline. Shall be modifying that for my FYP proposal after a meeting with my FYP group tomorrow.

No IGRA lectuer tomorrow, but make up on Saturday, lecturer going for acting. LOL, can’t imagine him acting as policeman. Pengz.

Will be getting my PDA tomorrow from Funan and watching Kangaroo Jack. 4 more assignments left