Came earlier to school to discuss my FYP, the proposal is almost done. School end at 1pm for Lian and I today.

Went to Funan foodcourt for lunch. After lunch went to collect my Sony Clie from the shop I bought from, but to my disappointment, the stock has not arrived yet as the shipment is delayed. They expect it to arrive on Friday, 2 more days. Sighz.

Went to Plaza Singapura to watch Kangaroo Jack with Lian, Reaper and WilloWisp, the show is quite funny but overall it is just average, nothing great about it.

Came home finalize my MMPJ assignment which is due on Friday same date as my FYP proposal. Also completed all the review questions of my PCT workbook, now left the activities question which I will try to copy from someone. LOL.

3 more days to my birthday dinner with my family and 5 more days till I am 19. =D