Went to school for TBCM classes, but upon reach the classroom, there is a note on the door saying that the lecturer is on MC. Come to school only for TBCM and now no classes, if not today I do not need to come to school if he informed us earlier. But since in school already, did my MMPJ presentation and VB assignment with Lian.

On our way to Marina Square, saw Hui Juan and Elaine at City Link’s HMV looking at CDs. LOL. They got PCT practical test at 1pm.

As it was very early, we went to Marina’s Mos Burger for lunch and watch The Hours at GV Marina. Show lasted for about 2 hours, the story is very complicated at first, but towards the end of the show then you will know what is going on. Overall the show is just average, if possible don’t watch it. LOL

Saw my Cousin Rina at Marina Square, she is going back to work from Lunch. She is working at Suntec’s F&B department i think.

Bought my PDA metal casing for $32 and a screen protector for $15 at Suntec. Now my PDA is really protected. LOL

Came home did my VB assignment and MMAS, both left a few parts and it can be considered completed. The only thing now I worry about is TBCM and IGRA, because both assignments I haven’t start. LOL

Will be taking my BTT test tomorrow at 6.30pm in BDCC, really pray I can pass. LOL. Wish myself luck. =D

*Update* Forgot to add that today is Shaun Aka DeMoBLiTzer 19th birthday. Too bad he is in camp, cannot see this blog post till weekends. Happy 19 Birthday Shaun.