Went to Bugis Junction after school to get Lian’s Kipling bag zip replaced. Had tea break at Delifrance, they having a promotion, Tuna Baguette with Soup for only $3.50. That is the cheapest meal I had in Delifrance so far, if not their food is so expensive.

Came home took a short nap before doing my VB assignment and my TBCM letter of application. School from 9am to 11am tomorrow. Woot.

Was very happy today, because it is my birthday. Didn’t know so many people know my birthday or my ICQ just alert them about it. LOL. Thanks guys and girls for those greetings, smses, presents, cards. Especially Lian, Alvin, Wei Quan, Choon Sing, Jacky, Geargina, Elaine, Jie Lin, Hui Juan, Xiu Yu and many more. You all are the best. =D

Thanks for everything.