Went to Takashimaya foodcourt for the first time since it renovated. Last time went there once, the food is expensive and never went there to eat again till today. To my surprise the food prices was quite reasonable, I would not call it cheap but reasonable is a better word.

It was raining so heavy in the afternoon. As it is still early, went home to rest a while before my mom fetch me to take my BTT test.

I think at least 70 other people took the BTT test, 2 classrooms all filled up. Quite a number of foreigners and they do not really know how to shade the answer script, but younger people like us and people who always buy lottery should not be a problem shading it.

The paper was very easy but nevertheless I hope I can pass. It is a 60 minutes paper and I finished it within 30 minutes and first one to leave the class. LOL

Bought home dinner from Maxwell market. Did my VB’s Algorithm, it is really killing my brain cells, no wonder I got so much white hair. But sad to say the algorithm is only 1/2 done. Sighz.

The SARS case in Singapore is very serious, it is spreading so fast till MOE decided to close down all singapore schools up to JCs till 6th April. Weird Polytechnics and University did not close. Wonder what MOE is thinking. Poly students deserved to get the illness while JC students do not?