Lecturer has announced the VB practical test results. I got an A+ (90 – 100). Was quite surprise about it, thought I only get an A. Well nevertheless I was happy of course. Forgot to mention that I got back my MMPJ practical results too. I got an B. It was expected. LOL

Solve my VBs Algorithm. Thanks to Choon Sing, the pro. Now left some GUI and features to implement in and my VB is done. Don’t think I will spend too much time on it. Got lots of assignments to rush.

After school went to Funan’s Mac Donalds for a light snack before heading home.

Came home started work on my TBCM Manual which is due in 2 weeks time. As usual my favorite way of doing things. Copy + Paste + Modify. Internet is really a great help on all my assignments. LOL

Finally 1 day left to the weekends can wake later. Has not been getting 8 hours of sleep nowdays. LOL