MMAS lecturer forgot to came to class today, thus we have extra 90 minutes of free time. Actually should have 120 minutes but 30 minutes spend outside waiting for her. LOL

Spend the time doing TBCM stuffs, then went for lunch, came back also got an hour break because MMAD lecture is online. Spend that hour doing TBCM and VB.

During my MMAS lecturer, the main lecturer also didn’t come, she went for meeting. Spend the 2 hours and 30 minutes doing VB. Addicted to doing VB. LOL

Came home straight after school by MRT. As Lian and I have headache, so wanted to come home as soon as possible. Think stare at the computer screen for too long already, all those codes, images, animations is making us peng.

Took a nap after bathing and now my headache is much better. Spend the whole night doing VB. Hope I can finish my VB assignment by tomorrow when Lian come my house to do it.

Weekends is here. Late wake up time here I come.