Went to Orchard area to shop for Lian presentation clothes after school. Had a light lunch at Cineleisure foodcourt. Had Macaroni soup. Nowadays better not eat too heaty stuffs, especially fried food. And drink lots of water.

Came back took a nap till 8.30pm and went out for dinner. Actually dinner suppose to be 7.30pm, but my mom meeting drag till 8.00pm. Thus had a very late dinner.

The outbreak of SARS is real bad through out the world. Singapore is doing real good in controlling it from spreading, thus there is no reported people infected with SARS today. According to Hong Kong, they have managed to find a cure. They inject the blood cells from a recovered patient into a seriously ill person, and the outcome looks good. Once you have recovered from SARS, your body will have the anti bodies to protect you from it.

Having my PCT practical test tomorrow and I haven’t even touch it. Hope it will be easy, because I find nothing to learn.