Had my PCT practical test today, well wonder to consider myself luckily or unluckily. I am unluckily because I suey suey got to install WinNT for my test, and it really sucks, no device manager, using IE 2.0 and so many drivers cannot support. I am lucky also because of WinNT, Lian is the 2nd session of the test after mine. The class had problems installing drivers on Win98SE. From my own point of view, Win98 is hell lots of problems especially with drivers. Used it before on my old com and I hated it.

Went to Orchard later to buy Lian’s thermometer. Practically the whole of Singapore normal thermometer has been sold out because of the SARS. LOL. Was tempted by Mos Burger at Ngee Ang City, so had a light snack there. The salad there tastes good. LOL

Came home, continue work on my MMAS. I did not touch it for a week to rush my VB. Director is powerful, but very sucky.

Will be having my MMPJ group presentation tomorrow and there is a briefing on my Year 3 electives also. Woo, interesting day tomorrow. *Nervous*