Went to eat Ng Ah Sio’s Pork Ribs Soup at Rangoon Road for lunch. Long time since I ate that. The pork ribs soup is the best in Singapore. =D~~~~

Came home spend the whole afternoon rushing my IGRA assignment. Now it is more or less completed, if possible I want to make the camera move, but don’t know how. LOL

Spend the evening slacking and at night went to ABC Market to eat the fishball noodle. Installed HL+CS at night and play a little bit of CS after not touching it for almost a year. Not too bad, 7 deaths, 6 kills. LOL

My current assignments status :

» IGRA Assignment – 99% Done
» VBAS Assignment – 99% Done
» MMAS/MMAD Assignment – 70% Done
» TBCM Assignment – 40% Done

Shall spend the next few days doing my TBCM assignment as the deadline is this coming Friday. Stress.

Anyway, it is the 13th week of school tomorrow. No school for me tomorrow also, thus will be going out with Lian tomorrow. Yay.