Lian came my house in the morning, after that went to Marina Square’s Mos Burger for lunch. Watched Iron Ladies 2. It is in Thai and the show is around 2 hours long. The show is the gayest show I have ever watch, but nevertheless some part is quite touching although overall the show is meant to be funny as it is a comedy show.

Came home opened my letterbox, saw a letter from Traffic Police and it is addressed to me. I was quite excited because it confirm is my results slip for my BTT. Reached home, immediately opened it and I pass. Was very happy of course. Will be applying my provisional driving license (PDL) so that I can take the practical lessons in the circuit. Hehe =D

Also mom bought me a 128MB Sony Memory Stick, which means more mp3s for my PDA. Did my part for the TBCM assignment at night. Now my TBCM is almost complete.

Boring, tomorrow will be going to school for TBCM only, maybe after that will go Orchard with Lian.