Woke up in the afternoon. Bought lunch back from my house downstairs coffeeshop. It has been months since I ate the Wan Ton Mee there. Miss it. By the way, my house area got 2 coffeshops, 1 is famous for its Lor Mee and the other is for its Wan Ton Mee and Western Food. =D

Started studying for my MMAS at 3pm till about 6pm. Of course with breaks in between. I got short concentration power of only about an hour or 2. Touched little bit or IGRA only. Wrote down all the important codes in my book as it is a open book test. Took a short nap after that.

Woke up ate dinner, and continue my studying. Hope I can get all Bs for this semester modules, because last 2 semesters I get almost all Bs.

Wish me luck and good luck to those people taking IGRA and MMAS exams tomorrow. =D