First lesson was IGRA revision lecture. Crap. The exams is on this Wednesday not Saturday. Clash with my MMAS exams. No choice, have to study harder. Luckily IGRA is open book test, so is still ok. More worried about MMAS exams. Sigh. Will start studying tomorrow, as I will study IGRA today.

Had my MMAS/MMAD 5 minutes interview. Nothing much just let teacher see your application and compared it with the storyboard.

After school went to Ngee Ang City to buy Lian her Shock DVD, 3 DVDs. Went to Plaza Singapure for lunch later and to watch National Security. The show is funny. Not too bad.

Came home, finally can solve my com problem. It is actually a worm virus that infected my CSRSS.exe. It cannot be removed or deleted. So I overwrite it with my friend’s CSRSS.exe and luckily nothing happens. I have a phobia of overwriting Windows system files. LOL

Now my com is back to normal. All applications is working properly even AntiVirus. I have also upgraded all the software in my iPAQ. But I will still reformat my com after exams. LOL.

Study study study.