Had IGRA as my first exam of the day. Well it sucks. Quite difficult for me and not enough time to do. Sigh, hope I can pass this exam or fail by border line, then overall I can pass. =(

Waited for 4 hours till my next exam, which is MMAS. This is opposite of IGRA, it is so easy, more than enough time to do it. I hope to get an A for MMAS after taking this exams.

After the MMAS exam, when to Funan to buy my iPAQ screen protector and Lian suggested eating Pasta Mania as we didn’t eat it for a long time. Ordered the creamy chicken and both of us shared it. Had a 30% discount altogether because they are having a student promotion. LOL

Came home, slack the whole night, played MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries multiplayer for the first time with Reaper and WilloWisp. Not too bad, starting to learn to play it. The mech is so difficult to maneuver. LOL

Tomorrow is like a normal day in school, TBCM Lecture/Tutorial, MMPJ Tutorial, VBAS Interview. Sigh.