Went to school for 3 lessons today TBCM, MMPJ and VBAS. Got an A for my MMPJ assignment after checking it with the lecturer.

My VBAS interview start at 2pm right after lunch. Was hoping to go first then can leave earlier and hoping that my lecture lecturer will interview us instead of our tutorial lecture. But so bloody unluckily we are the second last group and interview by out tutorial lecturer. That lecturer interview us 1 by 1 instead of a pair, wasting so much time. Actually my schedule is 3.50pm and I thought I can leave by 4pm, but that lecturer drag till almost 5pm. So end up waiting 3 hours for my turn to be interviewed. CRAP

Came home continue doing my new layout as I thought of something. Still can’t decide on the colors used. LOL

Thought no school tomorrow as all mass lecture has been canceled till further notice. And till now there is no notice so I presumed that there will be no lecture. Humans always like to assume. But also unluckily that there is a VB lecture, and I only need to go school for that lecture. If not I can sleep till afternoon. Grrrr.

Anyway tomorrow will be the last day of the semester, next week will be exams week.