Lian came my house in the afternoon to study for MMPJ, left my house at about 3.45pm. On the bus then I realize that i didn’t remember to do alot of things. Bring last semester exams paper, take my SP exams letter and drink my essence of chicken. The only thing that I am luckily about is leaving the house in time because as as soon as we reach school, the rain started to fall.

MMPJ exams start at 6pm, but delayed all the way to around 6.20pm as this is our first exam of the semester and because of the SARS thing, lecturer got alot of stuff to say. Thought they will give us a digital oral thermometer, didn’t know is a mercury thermometer. SP so rich also cannot afford a digital thermometer. Furthermore we need to bring that thermometer for every exam we are taking, if not we need to buy it at $10. Crap.

Overall the MMPJ exams was not too bad, but I find last semester paper was easier. Went to Bugis after that for dinner. Ate the Beef noodle, long time didn’t eat that. =D

Next paper will be on Friday, 2nd May 2003, there is 3 days away from now. Plenty of time to study, but I think I will start studying on Wednesday. =D

For now, back to doing my new layout. Woo, the ID for this post is 400 =D