Woke up at 1pm today again. As usual, did the same old stuff as what I did on Saturday. Study for MMPJ. Study till the evening, before taking a rest. Watch Speed on Channel 5 at 7.30pm, one of the old and repeated movie shown on Channel 5.

Ate my mom’s home-cooked western food for my dinner. Baked potatoes, corns, carrots, beans, pork chop, ham, sausages. Woo, so nice. LOL

Tomorrow will be having my MMPJ exams at 6pm to 8.00pm. SP has real weird exams timing. SP website announced all students are required to take temperature before they leave the house and on entering the exams hall. It is abit troublesome, but I think is good to control the spread of SARS.

Wishing all students taking MMPJ, best of luck. =D