Finally woke up before 12pm today. Mom woke me up. LOL. Went to Hereen for lunch. They are having a mall-wide discount, but sad thing is that today is the last day =(. Ate at The Nudle Bar, Black Pepper Ramen, yummy. Very cheap, 4 of us ate only $36 after a 30% discount. LOL

My brother and I bought a fourskin t-shirt also each, but same design, after 30% discount is $25 per t-shirt. Woot, cheap.

Went to Ngee Any City’s Cold Storage to do some grocery shopping, mom is cooking western food or dinner. Too bad my house cannot cook beef due to religion.

On our way back to Hereen (my dad’s car is parked at Hereen’s carpark), we pass by the CitiBank Credit Card Booth, they seems to be having promotion every week. My parents got attracted by it and they applied another CitiBank Credit Card although they already have one. LOL. I took my dad’s application form and write my name as the name that will be appeared on the credit card. Hehe. Stupid rules that need to be above 21 then can apply for credit card, as long there is someone to pay the bill will do, thats what my dad say. LOL

Watched X-Men on Channel 5 as that is their movie for this week, to refresh my memory as I will be watching X-Men 2 on Friday, I think X-Men 1 and 2 will be linked very closely.

My next exams will be TBCM which is on Thursday and the final paper, VBAS which is on Friday.

Shall start studying tomorrow.