Another boring day. Woke up in the afternoon to watch The AniMatrix, all 9 episodes in SVCD format. Mom bought back meat porridge for me from Clementi, the porridge taste good. LOL

Surf the internet for a while before spending an hour studying for my TBCM. I don’t think there is alot of things to study, only the first few chapters, the middle and last chapters teaches you how to write a manual, memo and letters and I think you need to know it but don’t need to memorize it.

I hope during the TBCM exams, there is enough time to finish the exams as according to the lecturer he say that maybe there is not enough time. The paper is 90 minutes, consist of 1 letter writing, 1 memo writing. These 2 sections alone is 50% of the marks. Think need to spend 1 hour on this 2 sections and the last 30 minutes on the rest of the questions.

Will be going out with my classmates tomorrow to celebrate their birthday. Lian can’t go =(.