Woke up at 11.30am today because I am suppose to meet my classmates for a birthday celebration. Went to Orchard earlier because I went to Hereen’s Annex fourskin store to apply for my membership card. The staff still recognizes me. LOL. Combined receipts of $150 entitles you to apply for the card. 15% discount for all items and when your birthday comes, they will give you a free t-shirt. Too bad my birthday is over. =(

Met them at Orchard MRT Station. They opened up their presents at there too. After that went to Cineleisure to watch Anger Management. Well the show is funny and lame, and the storyline is abit crap. LOL

Had dinner at Marche later before proceeding home. Hehe. Thanks HuiJuan for the Marche treat.

Guess will be studying my VB tomorrow. Worried about it because this test weights at 50% of the whole module. =(