TBCM exams was quite okie, make a careless mistake by not reading the question properly and jumping to answer it. Miss out an answer for 1 part, around 4 marks gone =(. Finished the exams within 70 minutes, but Lian even faster, 60 minutes. LOL

Went to Funan for a Pasta lunch at Pasta Mania. The pasta stuff with cheese cooked with walnut sauce is nice but abit salty.

Walked round Challenger later and played abit of X-Box at the demo section. Was quite fun the game. Is some kung-fu game with nice interactive environments. =D

Just applied for my HardWare Zone Deluxe Forum Membership. Sicked of getting server overloaded messages. I can surf the forum at blazing speed. LOL.

Last paper tomorrow and will be watching X-Men 2 at GV Marina although I have finish downloading it. LOL