Watched X-Men 2 at GV Marina yesterday. Well the show was nice, much better than the first X-Men. Was quite sad that Dr Jean died at the last part. My brother told me that in the next episode, she was rush to the hospital on time and she become a Phoenix. LOL

I really can’t stand Ah Sohs, yesterday I was taking a tray with 2 bowls of minced pork noodle, after the uncle had put it down on the tray, I walked back abit and turned around, immediately knock onto this ah soh, then after that she return back to her table she tell her friend that I am so clumpy because I knocked onto her. But she is the one that suppose to stand behind the yellow line, not in front, not on it, but behind it. Grr. That really makes my day.

Came home spend the whole night playing Warcraft III, that is why didn’t have time to update.

Went out with Lian today to shop for her printer. Went to Raffles Place, Suntec’s City and Funan. Had a light snack at Suntec’s City Congress Kopitiam, tried the Wan Ton Mee there, it is very nice, especially the noodle and chilli. Yummy.

She bought a HP PSC 1210 at Funan new HP shop for $249. Quite a good buy, it can scan, copy and print. But it looks abit squarish. LOL

Had dinner at Liang Court Japanese restaurant. After Media-ya (should be this spelling) taken over the supermarket, the business seems to have improved alot.

Will be celebrating Mothers’ Day tomorrow at Lei Gardens.

Wishing all Mothers a very Happy Mothers’ Day.