Woke up quite early because suppose to have a breakfast/lunch tim sum at Lei Garden with my mom’s side family. Went there early to queue up for registration although we have booked the table. Last year we went there quite late and we end up waiting for 1 hour for a table. People do learn from experience.

Received my M1’s SunPerks vouchers, 1 $40 Swensens voucher and 1 $30 Haagen-Dazs voucher, will be eating it with Lian one of these days. Speaking about handphone, feel like changing my handphone to the upcoming Sony Ericsson T610 which will be out late May/early June. Don’t really like Nokia now, features so limited and so common along the streets, almost like 8 out of 10 people using Nokia handphones. My handphones : Ericsson 768 > Nokia 3210 > Nokia 3310 > Nokia 8250 > Nokia 8310 > Nokia 7210.

Will be playing badminton with my poly classmates tomorrow at SP, hope the sports hall is not closed. Holidays is here, so much make full use of it by slacking. LOL