Went to Bugis with Lian today. Had lunch at Swensens courtesy of my M1 $40 Swensens voucher. Didn’t know my set come with a soup of the day, coffee and an ice cream till after I ordered my other ice cream. End up couldn’t finish the free ice cream. LOL. Bill was cheap, had only need to pay $4+.

Walked around Bugis before proceeding to Suntec’s City Carrefour to buy Lian’s handheld vacuum cleaner. Whole body was aching after the badminton game yesterday. Thats the result of not exercising regularly. LOL

Bought a new Microsoft Internet Keyboard at PK Computer for $29.90 although there are much more expensive ones. Don’t really believe in using expensive keyboards, it apparently doesn’t make any difference. My old Logitech keyboard is corroded and some keys the paint came off. Not really that good because it cost only $15.

My brother’s rear right speaker connection is spoiled. Now he left with 3.1 speakers. Creative speakers are not that good after all as even my 5.1 speakers woofer burned out after buying it for less than a year.

3 more days to Matrix Reloaded, and about 2 more weeks to the launch of Sony Ericsson T610 =D