Went to buy my classmate’s birthday present today. Walked around Ngee Any City, Hereen and Paragon. I bought a few things too. Bought a Talking Cock VCD for $9.95 from HMV and a handphone pouch from Annex. The handphone pouch will come in handy when I change to a camera phone as it can protect the camera hole from scratches.

Came home finally had an idea of what to code during the holidays. An inventory system that keep track of my spendings. Actually wanted to use VB.NET and ADO.NET, but I do not know how to use ADO.NET. End up using PHP and MYSQL.

Went to Great World City for dinner then for a Coffee at Spinelli. My brother will be changing to Nokia after his exams as when he trade in his phone and upgrade his line, the 6100 is practically free.

Applied for Starhub MaxOnline 3000, $80 per month. The site say someone will get back to me within 3 working days. LOL. Currently I am using Starhub MaxOnline 1500. With MaxOnline 3000, I hope can get 400kb download speed and 30kb upload speed. =D

Will be celebrating my classmate birthday tomorrow and having a family dinner at night.

Oh ya, tomorrow is Vesak Day, public holiday for most of us.