This time the damm bloody noise woke me up 9am, but I laid in bed till about 11am. Didn’t have enough sleep. Damm those idiots. This time instead of drilling noises there is some hammer knocking sound. I found of that it is a unit behind me under renovation. Crap. Think tomorrow also will be the same.

Met Lian at 1pm for lunch at Burger King in Raffles place. It was the most crowded Burger King outlet that I have ever been too. Queue for 15 minutes before getting my food. Talking about fastfood.

Walked around Carrefour and Harvey Norman because Lian is looking for a new fridge and a new washing machine. Forgot that there is Courts at Suntec, thus when we knew that, we are already at Esplanade.

Went there to eat the Haagen Dazs as I got $30 voucher from M1. Thought can ordered alot of stuffs as $30 for ice cream is alot. End up only order 2 “plates” of ice-cream and the bill add up to $28. And the each “plate” only has 2 scoops of ice cream with some toppings. It is so damm expensive.

Went to the Singapore Post Center as Lian is helping her brother and sister to pay the IRAS(Income Tax). Proceed to Hougang Mall for a walk and on the way get Lian’s free chocolate cake from Bengawan solo.

Today finally the CitiBank credit card came. Didn’t know my dad applied for a Gold Master Card. Thought it was just a normal Visa card with just my name on it. LOL

Hope I can get a peaceful sleep tomorrow.

*Update* Mom cancel all the Citibank cards that arrived because alot of problems, my dad the other card is a debit card. Crap, didn’t know how the salesgirl fill in the form or she purposely do it to earn more commission. Back to square 1.