In the morning around 11am woken up by the stupid drilling sound which is coming from downstairs again. I hate it when being woken up by those irritating noises. It just get into your nerves. Later found out from my dad that they are leveling the floor to prevent still water from collecting there, so as to prevent mosquitoes breeding. At least this is a better reason that the drilling of pillars.

Add Lotong for lunch, bought home by my mom. Spend the afternoon coding the inventory system. This time finish the sessions scripting and some user level stuff.

These few days have been following closely to 3 major mobile phone forums regarding the Sony Ericsson T610 news. So far only 2 bugs, the hissing sound and the memory leakage. The hissing sound will be fixed starting from the next batch according to a site. Left the memory leakage problem which tends to make an image double its file size due to the compression format in Sony Ericsson phone. Wonder it is really a bug or it is like that.

Anyway, the phone will be launched here in Singapore in early June, so it is not really wise to get it now as maybe they are still ironing out the bugs like the hissing problems.

Will be going out with Lian tomorrow. =D