Met Lian at Bishan MRT Today. Wow, Junction 8 is really crowded with people today, further more it is a weekday. This shows that their effort to promote the mall was paid off. Alot of shops has changed since I last been to there. Seiyu taken over Diamaru, NTUC taken over the Diamaru’s Supermarket, Best Denki taken over Safe Superstore. Popular, Sembawang Music, QB Express are some of the new shops that I saw. Music Junction closes down.

Was too crowded, thus didn’t stay there for very long. Went to Bugis and Sim Lim Square after that to look around for the official launch date of T610, but to no avail. Proceed to Orchard later for a walk and on the way ask around for news of the launch date. Asked the M1 shop at Takashimaya, they also not sure. Went to Paragon and asked the M1 shop there. The sales girl said that the phone should be launched by next week and saw a post on the Hardware Zone forum that the phone is rumored to be launched on 28th this month. Woot. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Was quite tired so went home for a rest. Lian watched all the 9 episodes of Animatrix at my house. Had dinner at Merchant Court to celebrate my dad’s birthday. The food standard has drop alot since I last visited it which is a few years ago. My mom keep complaining since the start of the dinner. But the restaurant seems to be very packed. Talked about recession and increasing jobless rate. LOL

Received and e-mail from Starhub regarding the MaxOnline 3000, but i accidentally deleted off the e-mail, thus cannot reply back. Sigh. Shall ask my mom to call them and arrange an appointment. Girls are better at such stuff. LOL