Went to Scotts that area in the afternoon to buy my baby cousin birthday present. More like my mom, bro and me accompany my grandmother to buy the present. LOL. Had lunch at the Scotts food court. Tried the Korea Claypot rice. It is nice, I think even better than the Chinese one. But quite expensive. $6.50.

After today, I think that the design of Shaw Center is very lousy. The exterior escalator doesn’t go to every level and some parts of the building is not connected to the shopping center.

Came back integrate all the code into the simple layout of mine. Hope I can post some sceenshots soon for fun.

At night went over to my grandmother house to celebrate my baby cousin 1 year old birthday. They take away some food from ABC Market. The black pepper crab and the fried chilli fish is the only nice dishes that they bought back. LOL

2 more days to the release of my results and 4 more days to the release of my grades. Shivers.