Saw the Making Of Matrix Reloaded in the early afternoon. It is fantastic. The amount of work they put into the pre-production is alot. After watching it, I think it is not easy to make a movie. Don’t know how many thousands of people required to make a movie.

Later went out to celebrate my classmate birthday today. Brought them to eat the famous minced pork noodle at Marina Square for lunch before watching Matrix Reloaded again. All of them will be watching it the second time and it will be my third time watching it. This time pin pointed alot of things. Thought I could get a glimpse of George Bush at the last part, but I think it is too fast for me. LOL

Had dinner at Raffles City food court, the beef noodle there is the worst I have ever eaten. Asked around the price of T610 from Boon Hi-Tech, it cost only $698. Weird, wonder why it is so cheap. Anyway, it has been confirmed that T610 will be launched on 28th May as I have received an e-mail from Sony Ericsson Singapore after e-mailing them a week ago. Yay