Check my results last night. Sad. No distinctions this time. I kind of expect it because all the modules, not my cup of tea. LOL

Went to school to play basketball today. Was early so decided to walk to the ICT side to check to see whether our grades is out offline. But sad to say, it is not out.

Weather was also hot today, but we still continue playing. Think I just got myself tanned. LOL. Played all the way to around 5pm before leaving for home.

Sony Ericsson launches its T610 today. There are a few advertisements on the Straits Time. I hope I can get it by Friday from one of the HardwareZone Forum member handphone shop. Anyway, all the T610 selling by the 3 telecoms, all have the hissing problems as it is not the second batch.

Will be going out with Lian tomorrow and I think my whole body will ache because of the basketball game today. LOL

*Update* New poll topic out. Your Favourite Handphone Brands?. Vote Now!