Again, woke up by the damm drilling noise before noon. Is either coming from the same bloody house or another fellow renovating his house.

Mom bought back Mac Donald’s Big Breakfast for me. Very long time didn’t eat it. Lian came online in the afternoon after many days of MIA. Played with her a few rounds of Warcraft III before she went off.

Tried Rise Of Nation, not bad, something like Empire Earth but in a engine similar to AOM. It is really a typical Microsoft Game Studio Game. Interface all looks almost the same and the engine also looks similar to AOM and AOE. But I think I will prefer this gameplay. Love RTS games.

My Inventory System is near completion. Here is a screenshot taken earlier on.

My results(pass/fail) will be out at midnight. Next week will be starting my FYP as our lecturer-in-charge, Mr James Ang, called me up when I was playing Warcraft III. LOL. Our client will be Dr Fung.

On handphone news. Sony Ericsson T610 will be officially launched tomorrow. Hope I can get my hands on it within this week. I am afraid there is no stock as many handphone shops are all out of stocks.

Will be playing Basketball in school tomorrow. Hope the bloody weather will not be so hot.

*Updated* BTW, StarHub Maxonline 3000 CSO called me up today. They will come to install on Friday, 13th June 2003, between 9am to 11am. Weird. They say the appointment date is related to the billing cycle. lol