Ate the famous Claypot Laksa from Depot Road for breakfast. Thought will be going to Orchard later by myself, but Lian message me in the morning say she want to go out. Of course was happy, got people accompany me. LOL.

Almost walked the whole of Orchard Road, from Far East Plaza all the way to CenterPoint. Wow. Today Orchard Road is really flooded with people. Must be because of the Great Singapore Sale. MRT, buses, shopping malls are all flooded with humans.

Had a light snack at Mos Burger, tried the new Seafood Rice Burger. It is the best rice burger in my opinion. Also bought a PDA screen protector. Shall be cutting a portion out to fit my T610’s screen. LOL.

Had dinner at “Swee Kee”. Famous for the “Kah Soh fish head beehoon”. After trying it, it taste so plain. One customer even say “Too many customer, no soup use plain water cook is it?” LOL.

Shall be going to pray tomorrow.