Woke up quite early today at about 9.45am because going to pray my granny and pray at the Waterloo Street temple. Prayed my granny first before having breakfast at Ng Ah Sio Bak Kut Teh. After that went to Waterloo Street to pray because I have gotten my results.

Went to Bugis Junction after that to look at my brother handphone. He wanted to buy Nokia 6100 but my mom and I keep telling him to buy Nokia 7250 because the trade-in value of that phone will be higher than Nokia 6100 next time and the price different of the phone is only about $100. Haha, but he is still undecided.

Mom bought the packet cheese sausage from Cold Storage. Not cheap. 6 cheese sausages for about $9. But I believe it is the best sausage I have ever eaten. Very very juicy and tasty. Yummy. LOL

Came home played games with Lian before heading to Ikea for dinner with my mom and her family. My grandmother wanted to buy some lamps. But Ikea all selling those orange lights, thus, end up going to Great World City after that. Didn’t find any suitable lamp at there too. Anyway OG at Great World City will be closing down soon.

Monday starts tomorrow. Boring.