Had a bad morning. Woke up, went to take a bath and when I wanted to turn off the tap, the tap cannot be turned off because some parts of the tap broke. Further more the water is not leaking out, is flowing out. Quickly took out extra pails as not to waste those water. Woke my brother up to look after it, while I went downstairs to off the main water switch for my home.

Rush off to meet Lian at Clementi after that for breakfast. As it was still early after eating breakfast, went to Jurong Point for a walk and to return Lian’s library books. She is really a bookworm. LOL

Went to school after that for my FYP meeting. Finalize the questionnaire and some layouts for the client to choose. This client is good, I think most probably he will ask us to choose as we are more into this area.

Proceed to Orchard after that for a late lunch at Mos Burger. As usual the whole place is crowded. Further more, now is the school holiday period, Orchard Road is so crowded. Hate crowds and school holidays. I rather Singapore be still listed in the SARS affected country, then everyone dare not go out, then no crowds. LOL

Had dinner at Long Beach Marina, because my mom’s cousin came, so must give them a treat.

Will be staying home tomorrow most probably and maybe out only for lunch with my mom.