Woke up in the afternoon today. Went to buy my brother’s Nokia 6100 from M1 shop at Paragon. After trading in Nokia 8250, pay around $220 for the phone. My brother’s old Nokia 7210 will be giving to my mom. So unlucky my mom’s sim card cannot be used in the phone because it is too old. I think it is more than 5 years old.

Went to Hello@Orchard to get the sim card upgraded. Singtel service is quite good except for the buying of phone. The CSO change my mom sim card which is GSM 1800 to GSM 900 and transfer all the phonebook contacts in the old sim card into the new sim card free of charge. That time went to M1, they cannot even transfer.

Sent both the Nokia 6100 and 7210 for a software upgrade at Cineleisure. As usual, 2 hours later then collect it. In the mean time went for my lunch at The Nudle Bar at Hereen, and on the way pre-ordered 2 copies of Warcraft III: Frozen Throne from PK Computer. One for me and one for my brother.

My uncle wanted to Buy Nokia 7250 again, need to wait for 45 minutes and no promotion, end up also not buying.

Cancelled my SCV 3000 application, because I find that it is not really worth it. Pay extra $20 per month X 2 years will give you $480. Only increase you download speed by 100+kbps and still must sign on for 2 years. I think I will apply PLC(Power Line Connection) when it is out. LOL

Will be having a FYP meeting again tomorrow in school. LOL