Went to Bukit Merah for lunch. The fried kuey tiao there is nice. I think been at least a year since I last been to there. Nothing changed. Still quite old or rather run-down.

Came home played a few rounds of Warcraft III with Lian before doing some cleaning up of my codes.

Watched Joe Millionaire. About this guy who is a construction worker and they turn him into a guy who inherited $50 million dollars. So they find 20 girls and try to win his heart. And when Joe choose the one, he will tell him the truth that he is a construction worker instead of a millionaire. So he must choose the girl who loved him for who he is and not his money. Haha. Is like the whole show is a lie.

Still deciding which Sony Ericsson Service Centers to go to get my hissing problem fixed. Either Accord Building beside IMM or Goldhill beside United Square. Some people fixed at Goldhill and their ringing tone got soften, while some others do not encounter that. On the other hand, some fixed at Accord and also got their ringing tone soften, while some do not. Argh. Really depends on your luck.