Lian came my house today to burn some CD. Later went to Novena Square foodcourt for lunch. One of the best looking foodcourt in Singapore. I just simply love the design of the foodcourt. had the Tom Tam Ban Mian. Taste good. The more I drink the soup, the tastier it is. LOL

Walked around Novena Square later on. Nothing much to see also. This is my 2nd time to Novena Square.

End up didn’t send my phone for servicing after alot of people said that it is best not to do so if you can bare with the hiss. =(

Went to Liang Court after that because Lian wanted to buy DARS chocolate as it is only imported by Medi-ya, which is the supermarket located at basement 1 of Liang Court. After Diamaru close down, the whole Liang Court is like a ghost town. You can practically count how many people are there.

As we still got some time left, went to Funan for a walk to look for mp3 players and handphone accessories. Saw my HPR-20 on sale at some shop. It cost $99.00, and I bought it for only $54. See the great price difference. Sigh. No price controlling.

My uncle came over my place at night to pass me a bluetooth headset which he has borrowed from office. Quite an old model. HBH-15. But it works fine. Also tried bluetooth connection to PC, PPC and my handphone. LOL

I got this idea of having my own CMS(Content Management System). Anyway. started designing a layout for that.

Weekends is near.