Boring Saturday, stayed at home the whole day learning how to generate html static file from php and how to use the self-made templating system.

Went to Zion Road Hawker Center for dinner. As usual ate the prawns noodle there. My mom wanted to tried out the prawn noodle soup. Went over to Great World City later to buy my dad’s shoe from hush puppies. My dad previous hush puppies shoes lasted him for 5 years. LOL

Had a drink at Spinelli. Tried the Ice Latte. It was good, I think is better that coffee bean and tea leave.

Actually wanted to celebrate my grandmother’s birthday today at Singapore Swimming Club. But unfortunately she is sick, so the dinner is cancelled. =(

Finally Reaper, WilloWisp and I won 3 insane computers in Warcraft III. The game is like a non-stop action movie. LOL.