Woke up early at about 10am although I slept at 4am the night before. Went for breakfast at Hotel Phoenix Café to celebrate fathers’ days. Tried the so called famous Nasi Lemak there. I don’t see what so special about it. LOL. It tastes so normal.

Went to BBDC to book my fixed instructor. Chose one of the bronze group because it is recommended by my uncle’s friend who is working in BBDC. When taking the practical exams, the examiner will be from Traffic Police. My uncle also working part time in Traffic Police for 10 over years liao. Haha, hope can play cheat, ask my uncle bribe that examiner. LOL

Went to Everton park to get my hair cut. It was too long and untidy. My head feels so cooling after that. LOL

Played a round of Warcraft III with Lian before taking a nap.

The progress of my mini CMS project is so far so good. It will be based on a very simple template system instead of includes. Haven’t really thought of a good name for it. Currently the code name is “what?”. LOL

Will be going out with Lian tomorrow. =D