My cousin came my house in the morning to download some stuffs because he is still using 56k. My mom suppose to come fetch me to Accord Distribution Center in Jurong at 12.30pm. But till 1.30pm she have not arrived yet and my brother came home and told me that mom was suppose to go and fetch him but she met an accident. I was shocked and my first reaction was, was she ok. But luckily she was not hurt but the car’s back quite badly damage but still able to drive it to the workshop. I was quite relieved after hearing that.

The accident took place around Alexander road, near AIA building at around 8.40am. It was raining very heavily. My mom stop the car because the traffic lights is red. In front of her was a Eurasian driver driving a BMW. Then suddenly, the taxi just bang onto the back of my mom’s car. Heard that it was driving at a very fast speed even though the road was slippery due to raining. Lucky my mom always step on the brake peddle when the car stops, so the impact is not that great for the BMW which is in front. Just minor scratches.

After that, my mom and the Eurasian driver (a female driver too) came out of the car with an umbrella despite it was raining heavily. They walked to the taxi and ask him to come out so that they can exchange particulars. But he still stay in the car. I think is the most fucked up gentlemen. Knock onto people car still doesn’t want to come out of the car and expect 2 ladies to walk to him to exchange particulars. What a loser.

After sorting out everything, my mom drove the car to the workshop and they gave my mom a spare car to drive. My mom told me that at the workshop before her turn, there is also an accident also caused by taxi drivers. Crap man, taxi drivers are really the most fucked up drivers around. Especially when they display the “Sudden Stop” skill.

Went to fix my handphone’s hissing problem after that and had lunch at IMM’s foodcourt. Walked round Giant and I must say that it looks very dirty as compared to Carrefour. I think I rather pay more for the stuff that I buy in a cleaner environment.

Maybe going to Bugis with my mom tomorrow to buy my Billabong phone-pouch.

Oh ya, lastly, whoever have relatives that is a taxi driver. Please ask them not to display their “Sudden Stop” skill. It will cause accident. Please have more driving etiquette.