Went to Bugis for lunch today with my mom and brother. Mom returned back the load car to the car workshop and drove my uncle’s car as he went to Vietnam. Ate Mos Burger. The seafood burger there is so dry, lack of gravy. But the corn soup there is not as diluted as Ngee Ang City. Different branch really makes different things. I still like Marina Square branch. Less people and the food is better than some other branches.

Wanted to buy my Billabong pouch from Wallet Shop, but it is still make of cotton material, thus end up not buying it. Went to Cold Storage to buy my cheese sausages and the Japanese beans, but sad to say it is out of stock and they did not sell the Japanese beans.

Went to Great World City’s Cold Storage after that just to buy the cheese sausages and the Japanese beans. On the way went to OG to buy my phone pouch from OP, they are having sale, only $5 and it is not made of cotton. Claim some breads from BreadTalk courtesy of Visa. Every $50 you spend in a single receipt can claim selected BreadTalk’s breads.

By the way, at Basement 1, there is a shop selling yogurt. The stall is my brother favorite. Everytime when we go to Great World City, he definitely will buy the yogurt. I kinda like the yogurt too. LOL

Will be watching The Hulk tomorrow at Plaza Singapure with Lian. Had booked the tickets already. Lian will be coming my house to stay for a night after the show. The VCDs which I bought yesterday and the food which I bought today should be able to set up a midnight picnic. LOL