My cousin came and fetched me at 10am. Went Straight to the Creative building. Passed by it and saw a very long queue, at least got 200 people at around 10.30am. It suppose to open at 11am. I am not surprise that the queue started from last night.

Went to eat breakfast at a foodcourt somewhere near the area. After breakfast drove to Creative building, and we are not allowed to enter the carpark as it was so full. This time the queue I think is around 500 people. Crazy, end up we just made a U-Turn and proceed home. Was not disappointed at all but feel very disgrace about Singaporean kiasuness. These people area really retards. I think I rather spent more money to buy a product then to queue for it.

Cousin came my house and download some stuffs as his home is still using 56K, while I was playing Frozen Throne single player missions. Now I am at the 8th mission of Night Elves if I remembered correctly.

Will be going out with Lian tomorrow to watch Charlie’s Angels 2. Heard from my brother that it is nice. LOL