Played Frozen Throne last night, wanted to test out whether LANCraft works for Frozen Throne. To my surprise it works. Was so happy so played a few rounds before going to bed.

Met Lian at Compass Point, had breakfast myself at the Harbour Front Hawker Center. The mee siam I ate taste terrible and the ice teh-tarik taste so sweet. Buy anyway, the good news is that I only need 1 hour inclusive of waiting for bus to get to Compass Point, rather then take 85 all the way which will take me around 90 minutes. NEL is fast.

Return back to Plaza Singapura for lunch at Mos Burger and a plate fried carrot cake in the food court. By the way, Best Denki at Plaza Singapura has opened.

When to Health Promotion Board (HPB) to meet my client and the IT manager. The IT manager like look down on us the way he express himself to us. ANd he know nuts about server stuffs, always say “I think so” and “I need to check it out”. Crap. We should have a meeting with the IT technical people which I think will know more than him. But the very sad news is that we cannot use php+mysql as their server is Microsoft based, thus we need to use ASP or ASP.NET with Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft Access. Need to spend time to learn ASP again and my confidence from 100% drop to 20%. Sighz =(

But look on the brighter side I can add in one more programming language to my portfolio. LOL. After meeting, we walked around his clinic which has like 30 over rooms. LOL. We also have our own meeting at the Cafeteria downstairs of the HPB building. Again ate mee siam and this time it tastes sour.

Went to Funan after that to buy a ASP.NET book for reference. After reading the first few chapters, I find that it is quite ok because it uses mainly VB.NET scripting or C# scripting, thus the learning curve is not that steep. Further more, have took VB as my module last semester and have done ASP using dreamweaver for my last year’s module. Hope everything will turn out fine.

Played Frozen Throne for the night, will be getting the hang of it soon. Will be going to Creative Warehouse sales later on in the morning with my cousin as some items are really cheap. Heard that people start queuing last night. Retarded Singaporeans.