Went to eat Minced Pork Noodle at Bestway building after not eating it for about a month. Last time used eat it every Saturday.

At night went to Singapore Swimming Club for dinner because there of the given $90 by the club. Every month the club will give each member $30 and it can accumulate for only 3 months. So if you didn’t eat, the $90 will go to them. Quit a cheap tactic.

Had breakfast this morning at Mos Burger in Ngee Ang City with my family. Bought a book on website layouts, called “WWW Corporate Identity”. Hope can get some ideas and use it on my FYP.

Wanted to buy fourskin shirt, but the shop didn’t open today. Weird. I went there on Friday , they also didn’t open. Wanted to see some computer stuffs, but PK Computer also did not open. Saw Frozen Throne logo sticked outside the shop. It is coming. LOL

Tonight there will be the grand finale of Star Search 2003 on Channel 8. Also there will be U-571 on Channel i. Argh. Which one should I watch. MediaWorks and MediaCorp always have to put 2 good shows at the same timing and that suck.