Went to school today for FYP meeting. Missed my bus 147 and waited for 30 minutes for the next month and within this 30 minutes not even a single sign of bus 14. How unluckly can I be. Crappy morning.

When reached school, need to enter by Dover MRT station because our ICT block the gate didn’t opened and from Dover need to take a 10 minutes walk to ICT side. Thanks to SP for its stupid or rather dumb regulation. Furthermore, this will happen all the way to 17th July 2003. That really sucks. Again thanks to the brainless people who thought of that brainless idea.

Had lunch at foodcourt 6, alot of stuffs have changed. They painted the wall beige and orange, added closed windows to 1 side of the foodcourt making it so stuffy. The drinks stall is gone, now only left an Indian selling drinks there. All the machines, shelves are gone from that stall.

Spent most of the time discussing about the project scheduling and we have not finished it yet. Will be meeting again on Wednesday.

Went to Suntec after that to collect my mom’s Free watch from Swatch courtesy of DBS cashline. Previously we went to collect it also at Plaza Singapura because of my dad DBS cashline and so coincidence that the watch I collected is exactly the same as what we collected the other time. 2 of the same watches. LOL

Watched 2 Fast 2 Furious. Quite a good show. Storyline so-so only. If you are in into cars, then you should watch this. The way they drive is so cool.

PK Computers called me today, asked me to go and collect my 2 copies of Warcraft III: Frozen Throne tomorrow. Got a free poster and it cost $49.90. But I saw the papers saying that the launch party at Bugis will have an extra mug. But anyway, I don’t need the mug, I got a much bigger cup.

Wonder whats next after Frozen Throne besides WOW and Ghost. Maybe Star 2?

BTW, I have changed my wallpaper and using StyleXP now. The skin I used for my Winamp, Desktop, Trillian and Wallpaper are all from chosenOS.