Actually my mom want to fetch me to Orchard to get my copy of Frozen Throne at 1pm. End up my cousin want to come my house and he say on the way fetch me to go get it first. Thus end up waking up at 11am, losing 2 hours of sleep. LOL

Bought 2 copies of Frozen Throne. Free 2 Poster and 2 Frozen Throne’s Mug (which I need to collect it in August). Inside the box, there is only a CD Case with the CD and the compact manual. No standalone manual, same as Starcraft: Brood War.

Came home played a bit of Frozen Throne with Lian and did some ASP programming. Getting the hang of it now. SAMS’s “Teach Yourself ASP.NET In 21 Days” is very good. If you want to learn programming, I recommend to get SAMS books.

Will be going to school to do my FYP. Back to ASP.