Woke up extremely early today, 8.30am. Well for me it is extremely early. Ate breakfast at Pasir Panjang Hawker Center. Surprisingly that the coffee lady still recognizes my mom and I and know what we drink.

Went to school later for fyp discussion. Now the scheduling is almost done, left the concept paper and we can start work. Looks like I cannot use ASP.NET with Access because I think during interview that time the lecturer will ask why don’t use MS SQL instead. Thus, I think I shall change it over to MS SQL, which is much better because it is a full blown database.

Had a hard time getting the “original” version of it and heard that it can only install on MS servers, thus I don’t think my XP Home Ed can support it. Luckily for me, MS site have a 120 days evaluation copy of MS SQL and just nice it adds up to about 4 months and by then my FYP should be complete.

Had a light snack at Marina Square’s Mos Burger and on the way buy tickets for Twin Effect for Friday show. The corn soup standard of that outlet also have dropped. Taste so diluted. When to the World Book Fair at Suntec City after that. Nothing much really. I rather go to Clementi or Funan’s Computer Book Store and Kinokuniya.

Speaking of Funan’s Computer Book Store, went there after the book fair and Lian bought a book on cartoon animation in Flash.

Will be going to eat Tim Sum Buffet with my friend tomorrow at Habour Front Center. Yummy